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An amazing opportunity to work with a whole load of different experts, ADVENTURES IN THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES is a free training opportunity that Replay is running 21-25 July 2014.

Work with Replay’s AD, Anna Newell, Replay’s favourite choreographer, Stevie P (who has also worked with

another exciting year!

We’re nearly finished putting together next year’s season brochure designed by the amazing – if it’s possible, it’s looking even lovelier than the last two! loads of great new projects and our biggest adventure yet! can you guess what it is???

A BOY & HIS BOX sets sail for England!

A BOY AND HIS BOX is going over the water! After over 100 shows delighted children and adults alike in N Ireland and the RoI, Replay’s show, which features a mix of performance, projection and live drawing, is going to England! Catch us in the following