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The original show of Baby Daddy was an up-close show which played to small groups of babies aged 6-18 months and their grown-ups​. 


With three beardy men playing live instruments, lots of songs, and a bit of rough and tumble, this show was the daddy of them all! 


Baby Daddy at Home gives you the chance to spend some quality one-to-one time with your child and have fun together. 


Why not start by making a nice atmosphere and getting cosy. Maybe even make a little den under the kitchen table! Gather cushions and blankets with lots of nice textures – maybe you have a sheepskin rug or a fluffy cushion? 

Then collect your resources, hit play on your chosen track and you’re good to go! 

List of Resources: 

  • Big Blanket 

  • Rugs 

  • Lots of cushions 

  • Soft brush/ feather duster 

  • Mirror 



This track is the very beginning of our show. It’s fun to use at home at the start of your play time as it gives a sense of anticipation – something is about to happen! You can use this short track just to get your child settled and wondering what is to come. 


This song is pretty easy to pick up as it just has one word - baby! It’s quite repetitive so really easy to sing along with and ease yourselves into your Baby Daddy experience. When you sing along, move further and closer away from your child so they can perceive the sound coming from different areas. You can loop the song as many times as you like! You can also sing louder and quieter and play with volume. See if they try to join in with their own noises. 




Little ones love when adults pretend to fall asleep! It can give them a feeling of being in control. This lullaby song is perfect for pretending to fall asleep and see if they’ll join in or try to wake you up! Start off with yawns and stretches – is yawning really contagious?! Then start to nod off – maybe even fall asleep with your head ‘resting’ on their shoulder. You can move onto funny snores and maybe even talk in your sleep. Experiment and have fun and follow your child’s lead with the game!


This is a fun, silly song. In the show this is where our Baby Daddies would use their beards to tickle the soles of the children’s feet or let them feel their beards. If you don’t have a beard you can re-create this with a soft baby hair-brush or a feather duster or any feathery/fluffy thing you have at home. Start with it slowly and gently on their feet or hands and build up to it faster maybe around their nose or chin! As always, let the little one lead the game and show you what they think is fun. 




When we carried out research for this show we found that a bit of rough and tumble play is really important to a child’s development, and we found that in general, men tend to engage in this play more than women. Use this song to start off by tapping the rhythm on your baby’s arms or legs. Then move to bouncing them on your knee, letting them bounce higher and higher each time. You could throw them in the air and catch them (if you’re not under the kitchen table!) or even lie down with them and hold them above you and play ‘airplanes’.    


This is the last song of our show and your chance to relax. You can sit the child on your knee and rock backwards and forwards. Or you can lie on the floor with the child on your chest and cradle them as you rock. You can take some deep breaths to let them feel you relaxing and give them a big bear hug at the end of the song. It’s also fun to have a mirror that you both can look in and see yourselves together. 


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