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An out-of-this-world space odyssey

Age Range: pupils aged 5-18 with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

An out-of-this-world space odyssey for our PMLD audiences

in space, anything is possible….

In 2014, we blasted off into space with an out-of-this-world space odyssey. In their very own rocket-beds in the wonderland of the Replay Bubble, pupils shoot past stars, cross galaxies, and bump into bizarre aliens – all in the search for the Secret of the Universe.

CLOSER was developed in close creative consultation with the pupils and staff of Glenveagh School.

Directed by Janice Kernoghan-Reid / Andrew Stanford
Music by The Jepettos
Design by Susan Scott

Christopher sees the Moon
Sasha sees a Star
Pippi & Christopher
Chloe and Marty Greenman
Pearce & More Space Globes
Pearce & the Space Globes (no flash)
Aoife & Petey Playing
Sasha sees a Star 2
Christopher sees the Moon