Inclusion Conference Replay Theatre Company

With keynote speaker

Francesca Martinez

Francesca Martinez Replay Theatre Company


Monday 26th – Tuesday 27th June 2017

The Adventure Collective – Inclusion Conference focused on the journey and development of children and young people with disabilities from birth to 19 years, with emphasis on how inclusive creativity can greatly contribute towards social development, happiness, personal empowerment and the improvement of communication skills. The Adventure Collective - Inclusion Conference brought multiple sectors together and encouraged the sharing of ideas and experiences, highlighting the challenges that these young people can face and how the Arts is perfectly poised to bring adventure, enjoyment and happiness to their everyday lives.


Creative Workshops

Wednesday 28th – Friday 30th June 2017

As Replay Theatre Company is one of Northern Ireland’s leading arts organisations in delivering work for young people with disabilities, participants had the opportunity to extend their ticket and engage in three days of creative workshops. These creative workshops experimented with creative methods and strategies that have been developed through Replay’s experience of creating successful inclusive productions. The workshops were delivered by Artistic Director Janice Kernoghan-Reid and Inclusion Lead Artist Andrew Stanford, two of Ireland’s most experienced sensory practitioners.

Conference Agenda

Monday 26th June 2017

 10.00 - 10.15     Refreshments.

 10.15 - 10.30     Welcome and Opening Remarks.

                           Dr Katy Radford MBE - Vice Chair, Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

                           Brian Mullan – Chief Executive Officer, Replay Theatre Company.

 10.30 - 11.15     Keynote Address from Francesca Martinez.

                           Discussing the challenges and experiences of growing up with Cerebral Palsy and how creativity has had an                              impact on her life, both personally and professionally.

 11.15 - 11.45     ‘Getting Play Right… Capturing the views of the child’ - In association with Action for Children NI.

                           Rhonda Murphy, Service Co-ordinator for Waterside Sure Start, will focus on how they obtained the views of                            children in the Developmental Programme for 2-3 year olds to enable them to improve their Programme.

 11.45 - 12.15    Care and Creativity.

                           Dr Jenny Elliott, Chief Executive Officer at Arts Care.

 12.15 - 12.30     Comfort Break.                           

 12.30 - 13.00     Special Schools – A Special Stage. 

                           Sharon Pettis, from Parkview Special School, will present on the power of creativity within a special                                              educational environment.                          

 13.00 - 13.30     Making It Happen – Support and Funding.

                           A panel of representatives from funding bodies, including Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Children in                                      Need and CFNI.

 13.30 - 14.20     Lunch.

 14.20 - 15.30     Creative Process - In association with TheatreNI and Dance Resource Base.

                           Creative Consultation, with Janice Kernoghan, Artistic Director of Replay Theatre Company, Janice                                             Kernoghan, will discuss the company's approach to creating sensory theatre adventures, highlighting      
                            the value of consulting the audience at every stage of development.
Critical Response Process, with Liz Lerman: For over 20 years, internationally acclaimed US choreographer                                and theatre maker, Liz Lerman has developed and used the Critical Response Process, a widely-recognised                              method that nurtures the development of artistic works-in-progress through a four-step, facilitated feedback                            process between artists, peers and audiences.

 15.30 - 16.00     Tea & Coffee - Networking Opportunity.

 16.00 - 17.00     Creative Demonstration - Drake Music NI.

                           Dan Todd and Conor Teahan, using some of Drake Music NI's newest technology, will host a demonstration                            group workshop in inclusive music-making.
                           With sensor technology to translate body movements into sound, touchscreens as musical control                                              interfaces, samplers, sequencers and drum machines, as well as a few more traditional instruments, this is an                            opportunity for anyone to be able to compose, play and perform their own music, regardless of their age,                                experience, physical or learning ability.

                           After a brief demonstration of how some of the equipment works, participants will be invited to try their                                    hand at using it to collaborate in creating a unique musical composition over the course of the workshop. 

Tuesday 27th June 2017

 10.00 - 10.30     Refreshments.

 10.30 - 11.00     Visiting Venues.

                          Following the successful delivery of two relaxed concerts and other relaxed performances between 2013-                                 2017, Chris Proctor, Programme Manager at Town Hall Symphony Hall (THSH), Birmingham, will be sharing                               what THSH have learnt about producing, marketing and presenting relaxed and accessible performances.                                 Chris will also be sharing their various approaches that have been made with local and regional charities in                               order to ensure that what they are trying to do has the necessary support, investment and approval in order                             to create the best experience for the audience as is possible. THSH was awarded the UK’s first ever                                           Autism Alliance Charter Award in 2015.

 11.00 - 11.30    Leading Roles.

                          Graeae is the UK’s flagship disabled-led theatre company, a force for change in world-class theatre and                                     underpinned by human rights. Creative Learning Director, Jodi-Alissa Bickerton shares the journeys of young                           Deaf and disabled artists at the core of Graeae’s mission, and how we can smash the barriers that lay ahead.                                                                     

 11.30 - 11.45     Comfort Break. 

 11.45 - 12.15     A Piece of the Action.

                          Joe McNally, Senior Project Worker at Action Ability Belfast, will discuss the power of creativity and its                                        potential for helping to improve the lives of young people with disabilities. He will be joined by two Action                              Ability Belfast service users, who will share their first-hand experiences of engaging in a drama programme.  

 12.15 - 12.45     Acceptance and Understanding.

                          Flow Observatorium is quickly establishing itself as one of the leading neurodivergent organisations for                                     advocacy in the arts. Artistic Director Jon Adams will be talking about appropriate language in this new l                                   landscape and the need for open conversations being started by ND artists to lead the call for social change,                           parity of understanding and acceptance for ND artists.  Flow is currently supported by Arts Council England                             and Creative Lab, New Theatre Royal Portsmouth, and is building national partnerships and working                                         together with arts and cultural organisations, universities and ND artists.

 12.45 - 14.00     Lunch.

 14.00 - 15.30     Breakout Sessions.

                          1: Susan Scott is a leading film and television costume designer, who creates bespoke costumes for Replay                               Theatre Company's inclusive theatre productions. Sharing her knowledge and methods, Susan will provide a                            valuable insight into her costume development process.

                           2: ‘Exploring your senses through play – an experiential workshop’ with Action for Children NI.

                           3: Arts Care.

 15.30 - 15.45     Break.

 15.45 - 16.30     The Adventure Collective.

                           A closing session, reviewing the conference and the opportunity for participants to help shape the future of                              The Adventure Collective.

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