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Patrick Sanders. Loved by all.

We received some sad news at Replay yesterday. Our long-time colleague and friend, Patrick Sanders has passed away at the age of 40. Patrick had worked in the arts sector in Northern Ireland for many years and was well known and liked for his good humour, huge talent and encyclopaedic knowledge of Dr Who. He was an illustrator, cartoonist and actor who worked on many projects with Replay over the years, including creating and performing the ever-curious Malcolm the Story Explorer for The Great Story Quest, being the illustrator-extraordinaire on A Boy and His Box, drawing the illustrations of each member of Replay staff on the ‘Who We Are’ section of Replay’s website, creating and delivering a series of cartooning workshops for our Making Connections project, designing the baby in the BabyDay logo and creating the beautiful exhibition Your Little Tiny Welcome to the Great Big Whole Wide World – originally a book written for his littlest friend. Patrick was a good friend, a talented artist and the perfect mix of mischievous fun and genuine caring. And we can’t believe we are talking about him in the past tense. ”Your Little Tiny Welcome to the Great Big Whole Wide World is a guide to the world – not how the world is, but how it could be in our imaginations. It’s important that we teach children how to use their creativity and imagination as that is the first step to creating change.” – Patrick Sanders, 1976-2017

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