• Janice Kernoghan


It’s January! It’s our blog! It’s our January blog! And as a gift to you we promise not to mention:

New Year New You!



Fresh Starts!

Dry January!

Veganuary (This is a thing)!

We will mention that last year we produced our largest-scale show in a long time – Dancing at the Disco at the End of the World as part of Belfast International Arts Festival, and we were pretty chuffed at how it turned out. We also toured an upgraded reboot of Snoozle & The Lullabugs, opened the pawfully good (not sorry) Woofle at the Belfast Children’s Festival, developed our brand new show Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, hosted the brilliant week-long Adventure Collective Inclusion Conference with fiercely funny guest speaker Francesca Martinez and also developed our new early years’ show Baby Daddy.

We’ll also mention that 2018 is Replay’s 30th anniversary! Yep – we started back in 1988, along with Richard and Judy on This Morning, Bros, and Neighbours determining your homework/ dinner schedule. But it looks like 2018 might be busier for us than 1988 was for Kylie. Our colour-coded annual planner office whiteboard is looking like an informative but messy rainbow, and our diaries are already filling with marketing meetings, rehearsal dates, planning days and tour schedules.

While we love the busy-ness of making it happen, we’re also mindful that actually, the work we do is about giving the people who come to see it time out. A pause to just be entertained, a chance to think, space to connect with each other and maybe even with themselves. So in 2018 let’s connect more – take time for each other, take time for ourselves. It can be our New Year Resolution. (Gah - so close).