• Replay Theatre Company


In 2017 Replay Theatre Company's production DANCING AT THE DISCO AT THE END OF THE WORLD by John McCann told of a world where a deadly virus swept the world and robbed it of the older generation, a world in which to leave one's immediate surroundings protective equipment like face masks and gloves had to be worn.  Little did we know that just 3 short years later the world would be facing the global COVID-19 pandemic and our way of life would be challenged and changed dramatically.

Many industries are suffering, with the arts and cultural sectors in no way immune to the devastating impact recent events are having on those who work, many on a freelance basis, to bring joy and happiness to the lives of many.

With so much put on hold until, well, we don't know when, we want to express our solidarity with those who we work with regularly and to those for whom we were so looking forward to performing to in the coming months.  

Please rest assured that all members of Team Replay are beavering away at home making preparations for when we come back from this, and WE WILL come back!  Over the next couple of months we'll be working on some exciting new shows which might just take a little longer to share with you than we'd have liked.

But we are able to do this from our remote offices in our homes - while saluting those who are out there putting themselves in harm's way to make sure we can have our food, our medicines and to all of our front line medical health staff who are new HEROES WITHOUT CAPES!

Shall we look for a bright side?  I think we should... maybe, just maybe there will be so much cultural activity to get involved with later this year that we'll all be spoilt for choice.  


Brian Mullan

CEO Replay Theatre Company