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Snoozle & The Lullabugs

A co-production with

A rockabilly-rockabye show for under 5s with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties or Severe Learning Difficulties, which can also be enjoyed by under 5s without disabilities.


SNOOZLE & THE LULLABUGS brings together our PMLD and early years work for the first time.

Snoozle wants to stay up and rock, but his band, The Lullabugs, just want to go to sleep. Using everything at their disposal, including chilled-out doo-wop harmonies and calming sensory activities, The Lullabugs try every trick in the book…but Snoozle will not be easily swayed. The audience decide for themselves and vote with their eyelids who wins this battle of the band.

SNOOZLE & THE LULLABUGS was developed in creative consultation with the pupils and staff of Segal House Nursery, Belfast.

Directed by Janice Kernoghan-Reid.

Composed by Cat Barter, Gary Crossan

and Andrew Stanford.
Designed by Susan Scott.

Photography by Neil Harrison