Sensory theatre created specifically for young autistic and/or neurodivergent audiences 

Age Range: 8-18

Hidden away, deep inside the heart of a rainforest, a tight-knit team of explorers share spellbinding stories of animals and adventure, all from the comfort of their curious camp

Technical Design by

Darren Robinson

Directed and Composed by

Andrew Stanford

Costume Design by

Susan Scott

Performed by

Michael Johnston, Catriona McFeely & Mary McGurk

Each new explorer joins the TRIBE, becoming immersed in the sounds, scenes and scents of the rainforest. A carefully designed musical score underpins live instrumentation and non-verbal interaction, culminating in a unique and empowering sensory experience. Performances of TRIBE are individually tailored to suit the needs of each young autistic and/or neurodivergent audience member

In Partnership with Rav Vast

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