Sensory theatre created specifically for young autistic and/or neurodivergent audiences

Hidden away, deep inside the heart of a rainforest, a tight-knit team of explorers share spellbinding stories of animals and adventure, all from the comfort of their curious camp

We've created some simple sensory exercises you can try at home. Play the song that goes with each theme and see how creative you can be!



Find somewhere suitable to set up your camp! Search through your house and garden for loads of different textures, fabrics and things to relax on, and create your very own rainforest inspired camp. We've used things like leaves (real or fake is fine!) and bark chippings. The ground for our camp is a big rug made out of scrap leather pieces, and our tunnel entrance is artificial grass! Do your best to experiment with as many textures as you can find. Take your time and play the Camp song while you set everything up. You can use our Camp as inspo or check out these photos we found online for some other nifty ideas! Don't worry about buying anything, just use what you can find at home.

If the weather is nice, why not do this outside for extra sensory fun?



It's time to meet a snake! In our show, the TRIBE find an egg unlike something they've ever seen before. It's huge and it changes colours! But this big egg belongs to an even bigger snake, and this big snake appears all around us. Make your own sensory snake, and play a game of 'snake and mouse' with each other while listening to the Snake song. Here are some tips to get you started:


Sound: Does your snake rattle? Make your own rattle from things you can find in the house, like lentils in a jar, or paper clips in a tin.


Touch: How does the snake feel when it wraps around you? Is it slimy? Is it dry? Is it stretchy? Try wrapping each other up tightly in different materials and fabrics you find around the house, like stretchy lycra from neglected sportswear or a big furry blanket (yes, your snake can be furry), or even bubble wrap!




The monkeys have arrived and it's time to party!


We absolutely love playing with a family of monkeys in TRIBE, which involves all sorts of sensory play that you can explore at home:


By using an essential oil burner, we fill the camp with the smell of bananas when the monkeys arrive, but you could make a simpler version of this by mushing up some overripe bananas in a bowl and having some messy play. You could even have a banana-themed snack in your Camp while you listen to the Monkeys song!

In our show, our monkeys drop their fluffy tails down through the trees and play a game of upside down 'Whack-a-Mole' with our TRIBE. They also teach our TRIBE how to juggle (although they're not very good, but that's part of the fun). We use squishy rubber bananas and knitted Hacky Sack balls for this, but you can use whatever safe objects or balls you have lying around. You could even try painting tennis or table tennis balls different colours. (We definitely don't recommend using eggs... unless you fancy some seriously messy play!)


After all the fun with our monkeys, it's time to slow things down and go for a lovely flight with some beautiful rainforest birds.

Everybody loves being spoiled, and our TRIBE are treated to a mesmerising sensory spectacle of feathers by three colourful birds. By exploring all the different ways you can fan each other (we use fans with different coloured feathers on them for a lovely visual sensory experience), you can close your eyes and imagine sailing high above the canopy of the rainforest with a flock of birds.

Make your own fans at home with some cardboard and design your own unique colourful bird with paint, feathers, felt, fabric or whatever you can find! Explore how it feels as the birds whiz past you at different speeds, or what it's like when they brush your arm as you fly among them!

For even more sensory fun, point an electric desk fan towards you and feel the wind in your feathers!




We're getting towards the end of our adventure, as all the animals of the rainforest (including our TRIBE) settle down for the night.

Well, maybe not all the animals... When everything goes dark and quiet, the fireflies come out to play.

In our show, our fireflies are created by giving finger lights little personalities and characters, which is a really fun game to play. Finger lights are great for sensory play and if you don't already own some but want to get them they're cheap to buy online. Alternatively, make your camp really dark and use some small torches, just make sure you don't point them directly into each others eyes! You could even paint the lens of the torch an orange, yellow or amber, to give it that fiery firefly glow, or stick something translucent over them if they are too bright.

To help give your firefly a character, decide how they fly through the air. Are they quick and zip from point to point? Or are they slow, smooth and elegant? What about sound? Do they make a noise as they fly or hover? Try landing your firefly on each other and explore how they move up and down your arm or leg. Are they nervous, brave, hesitant, curious or excited?

You can continue to enjoy the music and explore other sensory activities, or even see what other animal encounters you can create at home. Or, you can finish off your rainforest adventure in whatever way works for you. Maybe that's lying down in the dark and remembering all the things you've done, while planning your next adventure! 


Or maybe it's playing all music one more time to keep you company while you tidy everything up...

We'd really love to hear all about your adventure, so please share any photos or stories with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or by emailing Andrew on

Have fun, Tribe!

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TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company
TRIBE by Replay Theatre Company