The original show of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie was a party of a show designed for children aged 3-7 with motor impairment. This ‘At Home’ version of Yes Sir I Can Boogie gives everyone the chance to dance and is an upbeat celebration around the joy of dance and movement.  


From funk to disco and from chilled out vibes to real good times, it’s a chance to have a party in your living room! 

Like all the best parties, this one starts off slowly, then really gets going into full party mode before winding down again, hopefully leaving you in a blissed-out state! Of course, you get to pick and choose what you do and the order you do it in, so your party is in your hands 😊  

Why not start by creating your own disco den – turn off the big light, close the curtains and just have a few lamps on. You could even put a piece of fabric/ scarf over some of the lamps to change the colour and create an atmosphere (just make sure no fabric touches a bare bulb!) 

Collect your resources, hit play on your chosen track and you’re good to go! 


List of Resources: 

  • Scarves/ Fabric 

  • Small Torch 

  • Disco Ball / Shiny Christmas Tree decoration 

  • Big Blanket 

  • Lots of cushions 



Starting off slow, keep the lights down low (or off). Get comfortable on the sofa or the floor and use a small torch to throw light onto the walls, or onto the hands or feet of your disco partner. You can even make shapes and shadow puppets. In the show we had small disco balls (which were actually Christmas tree decorations!). If you happen to have some nice reflective Christmas tree decorations, you can shine the torch on these and watch the patterns and colours bounce around.


In the show we started to pick up the pace by placing children in large hammocks and swinging and bouncing them. However in development, we had children lie on blankets and we had one adult holding each end. They could then lift the child off the ground and gently swing them to create a home-made hammock! If you don’t have an adult for each end of the blanket you could use an office chair or a wheelchair and provide a spinning sensation, or if the child is small enough you can carry them and swing them around in your arms. 




With the child comfortable, you can start by tapping the rhythm of the song on your child’s hands/feet/legs etc. Move the tapping around the body to make it fun. Then you can take the chance to show off your beatboxing skills! Just make noises with your mouth and freestyle in rhythm along with the music. If you’re stuck you can use the phrase “Boots and Cats” and you’ll sound like a pro! You can move around the child so they get different sensations depending on where the sound is coming from. You could even beatbox directly into their palm or the sole of their foot so they feel the beatboxing as well as hearing it! 


Now it’s time to up the ante. If your child is mobile, get up and have a boogie together. Cut loose and enjoy the music! If your child is a wheelchair user you can use that to dance together and if your child is small enough to carry pick them up and turn that living room into a dancefloor! It’s also fun to watch yourselves dancing in a mirror so you can really see those moves! 




This is your chance to chill out at the end of the party. Relax on the sofa or on piles of cushions on the floor. If you can, get the child to sit between your legs, with their back to your chest. Wrap yourselves together in a blanket and you can gently rock side to side and back and forth. Try taking some deep breaths to let them feel you relaxing. This is a nice chance to softly tell them a story – maybe it’s their favourite bedtime story, or maybe it’s remembering the best day you have ever had together or maybe it’s just telling them all the reasons you think they are a wonderful disco buddy. 

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Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie